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Thermoforming Tooling - Part Design


ODC is pleased to offer its Part Design service to the Thermoform Packaging Industry. Our design staff will consider all aspects of your unique packaging requirements and supply a solid model design that is timely, functional and attractive.

Whether reverse engineering from an existing package or designing from your concepts only - you will find our staff to be responsive, experienced and creative. All designs will consider production forming processes specific to the chosen film, trim - ability, part filling, sealing, stacking and shipping requirements. You will receive a SolidWorks file and associated viewer if required to allow for your feedback via phone, email or interactive web conferencing. Design "tweaking" or optimization is encouraged and fully supported as part of our commitment to you. There are no additional charges for changes to solid model designs during this phase of a project.

We share your goal for a successful product launch and the part design phase is critical to any new product's success. We understand the needs of consumer and food packaging applications which demand attractive presentation while safely transporting product. The demands of the medical and electronics industry are even more stringent. ODC is familiar with the package testing requirements for these industries and they will be reflected in a functional design. Excellent product design must be timely-ODC treats your product design opportunities on a priority basis with the shortest lead times in the industry.